Beth Rera

Beth has been teaching professionally for over 13 years. She has experience with dressage, hunt seat, eventing and hunting. She was a working student for one year under an experienced instructor and has been a certified ARIA (American Riding Instructor Association) instructor for over 15 years. Her riding skills allow her to competently finish horses for showing. She can work with you and your mount to get you both ready for competition.

Beth also has experience as a veterinary assistant in a well established equine hospital. Your horse will be in good hands boarding at Journeyman Farms. Annual vaccinations, routine worming schedules and farrier care are all carefully monitored by Beth to keep your horse safe and healthy.

Beth has been independently managing an equine facility for over 12 years. Journeyman Farms is an established facility that is run in a professional manner for the serious horse person to enjoy riding and socializing with fellow enthusiasts. The students are widely distributed in age and Beth has developed programs for all ages to enjoy and learn from.

Beth is also a club leader for the Blue Ribbon Riders 4H club. The farm sponsers a ladies club that offers eduactional oportunities and time to socialize with each other. Beth also organizes youth and adult clinics to offer a fresh opinion on your riding skills and expose you to disciplines you may not have participated in on your own.

Lenny Rera

Lenny is a lifelong horseman and has been working with horses since the age of 10 . He has held a trainers license for over 20 years. He also holds a degree in animal science from University of Maryland.

Lenny has been successful at getting horses trained and to the track. He is a stakes winning trainer. A high percentage of his horses break their maidens and one of his horses set the track record at Delaware Park. After being started under Lenny's supervision many horses progress to top trainers in the field.

Lenny will also work with you for sales preparation. Let him bring out the best in your horse and get them conditioned for the sale.

Lenny is also an active participant in barn management and makes sure the property is in tip top shape. A pasture rotation schedule and manure management plan are followed resulting in safe and sanitary environment to train your horse in.