Youth and Adult Camps

What's more enjoyable then attending camp or going on a field trip?

Adding horses to the experience of course!

Journeyman Farms offers a variety of camp experiences throughout the year.

Adults - Don't feel left out we have camp for big people too! Take some time off from your busy work schedule and join us.



Attend one of our scheduled clinics and learn a new skill, fine tune your riding or expose yourself to a new discipline you haven't explored yet.

Sometimes a fresh outlook is just what you need to help you get out of a rut - whether it's a change in scenery or working with one of the clinicians we have visit Journeyman Farms we'll help you move to the next level.


Journeyman Farm Ladies Activities

Ever have one of those days where you just wanted to get away for a little while? Let us help you relax one night a month.

Join us for the evening . Grab a cup of coffee and listen to a guest speaker, watch a movie or just go for a trail ride and enjoy the scenery without the pressure of schooling or working in the ring. We will occassionally schedule a field trip too - The Devon Horse Show is always a favorite destination. Come and join the fun.


Youth And Ladies Fox Hunting

Sponsored, Managed and Hosted By: Hunter's Rest Farm

Come enjoy riding in a fox hunt through the rolling hills of Virginia. Hunts are led by an experienced Huntsman and seasoned mounts are available. Enjoy a day of fun and fellowship with other riders while experiencing a classic equine pursuit.


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